2nd Annual Milton Keynes Bonsai Show 2019 – Roundup

July 30, 2019 MKbonsai No comments exist

It finally came upon us…

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, our second Bonsai Show happened on Saturday the 13th July at the Milton Keynes Central Library. We are happy to declare it was a great success!


All the planning and prep over the last few months. All of the advertising and promoting. The final tweaks and grooming of our trees and all of the other clubs that came together to support us. It all finally paid off in a very well attended event that had a really friendly atmosphere. The event attracted visitors from inside and outside the Bonsai Community.

Many club members turned up at 8 am to help set up the space at the Library. Huge thanks to Mark and Ming from the UK Bonsai Association. There display tables and backdrops made our event look so professional.

Thank you

To all the other clubs who turned out such great displays of inspirational trees and were happy to share their knowledge with us and the general public; Northants Bonsai Society, Mid-Herts Bonsai Club and the Northants & MK branch of the BCSS. We say a massive thank you. All of the clubs helped to set the welcoming atmosphere that we hope will attract more people to join us in our favourite pastime!

One of our big goals was to attract more first-timers to Bonsai and we certainly succeeded; many newcomers leaving with their very first tree from our sales area! Hopefully, some of these will go on to become future club members and exhibitors themselves

Our demonstration area also attracted a lot of attention. With two of our club members attacking some very unruly privet stumps. Showing the public how to set these trees on the course to becoming fully-fledged Bonsai.

Of course, the biggest thanks of all must go to all of the members of MK Bonsai Society. Who worked so hard to bring it all together and then pull it off on the day with such enthusiasm.

I’ll follow this up with a breakdown of some of the trees we had on display. But, for now, it’s time to start planning an even bigger and better show for next year!!!

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