Harry Harrington, Bonsai carving demonstration.

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Milton Keynes Bonsai Society was pleased to welcome Harry Harrington from Bonsai4Me to the March monthly for a bonsai carving demonstration. Harry’s carving demonstration was much anticipated and the chance to watch an expert at work always makes for an exciting event!

He brought with him a beautiful old Italian Hawthorn that had obviously been styled with some skill in the past but needed the deadwood areas addressing as they were too uniform and without interest.

Italian Hawthorn

Harry explained his plan to carve deeper into the tree and to make the scar more irregular and naturalistic. He showed us how to find the live edge of the dead wood area so that the carving doesn’t impact upon the health of the tree and remains in the deadwood. Using a variety of different Dremmel-type power tools and several different bits he worked the inside of the deadwood area to dramatically deepen it.

Harry working on the Italian Hawthorn

After nearly an hours work the change was impressive; much more representative of a tree that had been damaged in nature. Overall a very pleasing composition.

After nearly an hours work.

Harry then picked out a couple of members trees and after a group discussion worked on these to dramatically improve their initial appearance. Then gave them direction on how they could be taken on further by their owners. All in all, this was an informative and inspiring demonstration. It got most of us itching to break out the Dremmels and have a go at carving for ourselves! Thanks, Harry for your demonstration into bonsai carving. We look forward to your next visit.

Interested in joining us? You can find more details here.

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